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Forbidden romance at a prison never looked so sweet.

In this week's episode of Alcatraz we learned that Hauser (Sam Neill) and Lucy (Parminder Nagra), known then as Lucille, did know each other prior to the great disappearance of 1963. Hauser previously worked for the SFPD prior to his time on the island, transporting prisoners to Alcatraz. 

Hauser delivered the newest occupant to Alcatraz: Paxton Petty, a war vet tried for bombing the city. Lucille initially turned down Hauser's offer of a ride back to the mainland, but Paxton's case brought them together. She showed up at his station so he could ask her out to dinner, and that's where he likely made the promise to his new friend to find out where Paxton's fourth and final bomb was planted. Their past relationship is just one of the new mysteries that Alcatraz introduced this week. Let's take a look at the others:

Dissecting Alcatraz's Mysteries: Why is Tommy Madsen so important?

Why is Tommy Madsen always in the infirmary?
As Tommy (David Hoflin) told Lucille, he's a healthy man who doesn't need to always be there. Tommy promised information on the song that Paxton sang in exchange for information on why he spends his days there instead of on work duty. However, Lucille was unable to get that information since Dr. Beauregard (Leon Rippy) kept that close to his chest. 

Why does Hauser keep his old trunk on the island?
Hauser's belongings reside with the rest of the missing prisoners' and guards' stuff that was left behind. Does Hauser actually reside on Alcatraz in present day?

Why do the prisoners come back in different places?
Paxton came back to the tomb where he hid his bombs, Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce) came back to the solitary cell he spent most of his days. Why are the powers that be making them reappear in familiar places?

Why does Paxton remember so little of his time away?
In last week's episode, former guard Guy Hastings (Jim Parrack) recalled the morning he woke up, when doctors told him an accident had happened on the island and he was contaminated. Then, suddenly it wasn't 1963 anymore. For Paxton, he only remembers going to sleep and waking up in 2012.

Why didn't Paxton have a mission?
Each of the prisoners, and even Hastings, have returned with a task, though they don't know who their mission was issued by. For Paxton, though, he came back with no ulterior motives other than to blow up San Francisco again. Was his task to kill Hauser? It doesn't seem likely because he didn't even know who Hauser was when they met on the beach. So why didn't he have a specific mission? Even if he did, why didn't Diego (Jorge Garcia) think to ask if he got any marching orders from someone?

Parminder Nagra's reaction to Alcatraz premiere: "Already? You're killing me off?"

Why was Lucy never listed as being a doctor on Alcatraz?
Paxton revealed to Diego that there was a female doctor working at Alcatraz. We know that Diego and Rebecca (Sarah Jones) still haven't learned that Lucy is actually a '63, but how come Diego never found out about a female doctor on the island during all his time researching?

Why did Hauser leave Paxton behind after the bomb incident?
After standing for hours atop a landmine, once Hauser was freed, he put a bullet in Paxton's legs in retaliation. Hauser even tricked Paxton into telling him where the long-mission fourth bomb was so he could finally fulfill his promise to Lucy. But why didn't he then take him to the special duplicate Alcatraz prison immediately? Shouldn't he worry that Rebecca and Diego will get more info out of Paxton that they shouldn't know?

Why did Hauser remove Lucy from the hospital?
"You know her methods, fix her," Hauser told Dr. Beauregard when he showed up to Alcatraz 2.0 with Lucy's comatose body after stealing it from the hospital. What will Dr. Beauregard do to bring her back? Or is she just a lost cause about to become a body for the doc to study?

Seriously, what's with the number three?
We don't mean to beat a dead horse, but the number three just keeps coming up. This time, Hauser mentioned that three of Paxton Petty's bombs went off, though a fourth was suspected. Among the many mentions of the number — three keys, three bank robberies, three days of sniper shootings — the most obvious is that the inhabitants of Alcatraz disappeared in 1963. Are we crazy? Or are we onto something?

Fun fan theory: "All the blood taking hints to me that it's not time travel...more like a cryogenics/deep sleep experiment. They were gassed (the fog rolling in) in 1963 and woke up in [2012]." —KellyJonesaug1

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