Family Guy Family Guy

Remember the hurricane that was supposed to sweep through three of the Fox's animated comedies last May? They were pulled at the last minute after deadly tornadoes hit the southeastern U.S. just days before the episodes of The Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad were set to air.

Those episodes will finally be shown this Sunday, but without the promotional hype that typically accompanies a multi-series crossover. Fox also plans to air public service announcements for the Red Cross during the night. "We're toning it down quite a bit," says Fox's scheduler Preston Beckman. "We've learned our lesson. We didn't expect it to be a challenge when we had to pull it." Beckman noted that the network would yank the episodes again if there were another disastrous weather event, but there is nothing in the forecast. But he is keeping his fingers crossed. "Financially we've got to get these shows on the air."

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