Forgive me if I seem a little down right now it's because I didn't really want to watch two Reunion repeats (1987 and 1988). Don't get me wrong, I'm beyond psyched for the show to come back. But I really wanted to be glued to Game 7 of baseball's NLCS the one where the St. Louis Cardinals were supposed to complete an amazing comeback from being down 3-1. Phat Albert (Pujols) was supposed to top the home-run miracle from Monday night. But, sigh, it wasn't meant to be and now here I am, hittin' the retro rewind with our six dysfunctional friends.
1) Jenna's Tawny Kitaen/Whitesnake act still cracks me up the second time around. The cheezometer on that music video is 25 on a scale of 1 to 10.
2) Loved Aaron's line to Jenna: "In what universe is sleeping with someone three months ago a long time ago?" But Aaron, you're still a doofus for being such a puppy dog.
3) Carla to Aaron: "30 is not that far away...." Double sigh.
4) Hellooooo, Father Whatawaste.
5) 1988 soundtrack: OMD's "If You Leave," Bryan Adams' "Heaven," George Michael's "One More Try." Two out of three ain't bad. I'll let you figure out which two were on my '80s playlist and which one wasn't.
6) '80s Deja View: George Newbern's the father who adopted Sam's baby. He was the hot boyfriend Elisabeth Shue hooked up with in Adventures in Babysitting. Kate Vernon is Jenna's mom. She was Benny Hanson in Pretty in Pink (thanks Chana, friend of Chana & girl who e-mailed me to remind me).
7) Jenna learns lots of things from her mom. Like how to snag a guy. First rule: Make him come to you. Second rule: Let him make out with your mother. Yeah, not cool, Mom!
8) I'm kind of diggin' rich and powerful Aaron. Sure, we've only seen him in one scene, but I can already tell I'm going to like him.
9) How many times do the characters have to remind us they've changed so much in the two years since high school? Hello, anvil? Meet our heads.
10) Can't wait to pick up the mystery once again only two more weeks!