Johnny Knoxville by John Stanton/ Johnny Knoxville by John Stanton/

For Johnny Knoxville, not even a cringe-worthy injury can keep him from working. The stunt maven (no stranger to pain), tore his urethra last week, just before the upcoming 24-hour Jackass "takeover" of MTV (Feb. 23 at noon to Feb. 24 at noon) - but he's still planning on showing up.

While tearing that delicate human part might seem impossible, the injury happened as a result of a fall during a motorcycle flip in a tribute to Evel Kneivel with Mat Hoffman. Not long after being released from the hospital, Knoxville told TV Guide he was performing the stunt as part of the lineup for the weekend event, which kicks off the launch of Jackass' new online home, (note: profanity peppered throughout). The site, Knoxville said, will "expand Jackass so much... it's going to be pretty damn fun. We can try whatever we want. Literally, whatever idea we have, whether it's a prank, or a stunt... or a talk show."

In the meantime, Knoxville promises that the weekend kickoff will be full of nonstop action. "I don't know why [MTV's] letting us do it, really," he said. "Somebody wants to get fired." Still, he noted that "somebody said we have the longest [time] delay in history" during their live telecast. "But I'm not telling the boys how long the delay is." - Anna Dimond

" Jackasses to Take Over MTV for 24 Hours