OK, is this weird? I could watch the Food Network all day. I'm serious. I might have even spent a Sunday doing just that. Anyone else? (Ali, I know you're out there!) Now, I have no culinary experience aside from watching my grandmother whip up family-size entrees without measuring a thing or glancing at a cookbook. In fact, I'm pretty sure she could peel all the apples for her unbeatable pie blindfolded before I finish rolling out the dough. But despite my lack of entertaining or occasional cereal dinners (that's right, I admitted it), I crave the ability to perfect recipes, chop garlic super fast and pull biscuits out of the oven while viewers watch in admiration.

Among my favorites on the Food Network are Giada De Laurentiis and her simple approach to Italian cooking; Paula Deen for the mere amusement of her endearing accent and mounds of butter; Bobby Flay for his masterful grill skills (I'll never forget the lobster quesadillas he made one day); and last, but not least, Rachael Ray for her perky TV personality and 30-minute fixes that I've actually attempted myself. (Extra props to Rachael for her new morning talk show. Good luck at the Daytime Emmys tomorrow!)

Any shows out there that awaken your senses or simply make you wish you were on the other side of the TV?