Natalie Zea and James Purefoy Natalie Zea and James Purefoy

The tragic love tale horror story that Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has been authoring all season will come to what looks like a bloody conclusion on Monday's season finale of The Following.

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If that eye-gouging scene in the show's pilot episode had you shielding your eyes, then you might want to look away from this sneak peek trailer of the final episode, which features Claire (Natalie Zea) in a rather precarious position at the hands of her serial killer ex-husband. The teaser also has us concerned that Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) may be forced to choose between saving his FBI partner, Debra Parker (Annie Parisse) and his true love, Claire. Creator Kevin Williamson has already hinted that not everyone makes it out of the finale alive.

Check out a sneak peek below:

The Following's season finale airs Monday, April 29 at 9/8c on Fox.