The Flintstones The Flintstones

Fox has put the brakes on its upcoming reboot of The Flintstones TV series due to Seth MacFarlane's jam-packed schedule, Deadline reports.

The Flintstones, which was first announced in May at the network's upfront presentation for a fall 2013 launch, will be put on hold indefinitely because MacFarlane's workload has not allowed the time he needs to devote to the project.

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MacFarlane was to co-write the project with Gilmore Girls executive producer Daniel Palladino, and both were to executive-produce the show with Kara Vallow (Family Guy). The Flintstones was scheduled to start production last fall, but MacFarlane had his hands full with his feature directorial debut, Ted. In addition to the upcoming Mark Wahlberg comedy, MacFarlane produces Family Guy, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show, and also voices characters on all three shows. If that wasn't enough, MacFarlane also released his debut album, Music Is Better Than Words, in September and is working on a fourth series for Fox — a new adaptation of the 1980 show Cosmos. (Don't worry, we feel lazy in comparison after listing all of those projects, too.)

The Flintstones was a project close to MacFarlane's heart because he got his start working as an animator-writer at Hanna-Barbera (which released the original series) after he earned his degree in animation.

Are you sad The Flintstones won't be coming back to TV as soon as planned?