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FlashForward's FBI agent Janis Hawk (Christine Woods) has been missing in action, recovering from a brutal gunshot wound. However, when she gets back to the bureau this week, Janis will be returning to a very different world. Not only has the FBI unexpectedly lost a fellow agent, but agent Al Gough's (Lee Thompson Young) suicide — specifically to avoid his flashforward — calls the validity of the flashforwards into serious question. Fans will still have to wait until April 29, 2010 to see if the flashforwards come true. Until then, Woods tells about the aftermath of Al's death, what's ahead for Janis and which characters will be getting more screen time.

Watch full episodes of FlashForward How will Al's suicide affect the team on a personal as well as a professional level?
Christine Woods: I think that, at any time, if you lose a fellow soldier or a colleague, especially in law enforcement, it's a big blow. I think that that element is kind of typical. In terms of the flashforward and changing the future, he gave us a lot of hope. It's sad in a sense that he's gone, but now things could possibly change. Will the public find out about Al soon and the fact that he has changed the future to a certain extent?
Woods: There's a certain part of the FBI that has kept it under wraps, but I think the world starts to form an opinion about whether or not the future is certain based on what he did. When will Janis return to the team? Last time we saw her, she was still recovering in the hospital.
Woods: She'll be back this week. She is back at work, business as usual. She's a little taken aback by what's happened with Al. I think that when you almost die, you question a lot about: "Am I in the right job? Do I have the right life choices? Am I doing the right things with my life?" She questions, but she stays at work.

Check out photos from FlashForward Does that influence the role she plays in the investigation or the dynamic of the team?
Woods: I think that there is an element that she's a little skittish. She's a little unsure. Now its scary because she's been attacked based on the investigation she's still working on. That's always scary, when you think that it could happen again. The last time we saw Janis in the hospital, she sustained injuries that would make it near impossible for her to get pregnant and she was visibly upset. She didn't necessarily want to get pregnant so what was it that really upset her so much?
Woods: I think that whole thing is you don't know how much you love something until it's gone. The idea of never being able to have children kind of shocks you, the option is taken away. I think that for men and women, that's very scary. What aspects of Janis' personal life we will see in the future?
Woods: We will get to know her a little bit more in terms of her upcoming challenges with thinking of whether or not she wants to be a mom. We'll learn what her plan is in terms of raising a family or not and that will be kind of interesting. We've only seen little bits and pieces about Lloyd (Jack Davenport) and Simon (Dominic Monaghan)'s role in the blackout but can you tell us what's ahead for them?
Woods: I may or may not have scenes with them [laughs]. They're the delicious center of the cookie but you see a lot more of them coming up. [Fans will] feel satisfied with how much you get to know them in the next few episodes. What is coming up for the blue-hand group (Already Ghosts)?
Woods: The saga slightly continues in this next episode. We will learn more ... There's always going to be an element about the counter-culture of the flashforward. That was a small element; the people disillusioned and saddened because of the flashforward. There will be more collections of people like that who will meet throughout the series. How has it been reading the scripts and learning these big developments as they come along?
Woods: I read the Al script and I burst into tears. Reading the scripts is so unbelievable, it's like reading a novel and new pages come out every couple of weeks. It's certainly not ordinary and its never, ever boring because of how confused you are. Have you been able to get hints as to what's coming up from the writers or is it very secretive?
Woods: We pump them for information constantly. I think sometimes they just lie to us to put us off the scent a little bit. I'll try to bribe the writers ... One of the writers really likes candy so I'll be like, "Here, you want candy? Tell me the secret." But they never tell us [laughs].