Joseph Fiennes, Michael Ealy, John Cho Joseph Fiennes, Michael Ealy, John Cho

It's been four months since FlashForward fans last caught up with agents Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), Demetri Noh (John Cho) and the rest of the Mosaic team investigating the Oct. 6 global blackout. However, viewers won't have to scratch their heads much longer, as the series returns with all new episodes Thursday at 8/7c.  Who is Suspect Zero? What's next for Mark? How does Aaron Stark (Brian F. O'Byrne) fit into all this? talked with the cast and crew to get those answers and more.

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1. There's a new face on the team: As previously reported, Michael Ealy will be joining the cast for the rest of the season when his character, CIA agent Marshall Vogel, teams up with the FBI. Although Vogel clashes with most of the team from the get-go, he and Mark will find a way to make it work. "There's a nice chemistry between the two," Fiennes says. "There's one bit where they actually get together to discover who might be a mole. Their opposites kind of bring a good result." Which brings us to ...

2. A familiar face will return sooner than expected: Yes, that was Mark who was suspended at the end of the last new episode. And yes, Mark will spend some time with an FBI therapist but comes across a big lead in the case in the process. "He can be dismissed in one episode and back the next," Fiennes says. "He proves himself while being suspended; he manages to break an investigation the FBI couldn't do so they bring him back."

3. We'll finally learn more about Simon: There's a lot to be desired when it comes to knowledge about the mysterious Simon (Dominic Monaghan) but he will continue to work closely with the team, and forms a unlikely bond with Janis (Christine Woods). "They get each other," Woods says. "That's a really interesting relationship that happens throughout. I wouldn't say that we become friends but we work together a lot. She definitely has some insight into Simon that I think other team members don't have yet." Viewers will also meet Simon's family (yes, he has a family). "You get to understand that yes, he's kind of an obnoxious character, but the motivation is one of protecting the people he loves," Monaghan says.

4. Janis will definitely have her hands full: On top of keeping Simon in check, Janis will be one of the few actively working toward making her flashforward, where she is pregnant, come true. "You do kind of see her questioning her place at work and you see unravel a little bit in order to arrive at the decision that she wants to have a baby." Woods says. "There's a lot of information about how she's trying to get pregnant, whether or not it's working, and how she's able to kind of fulfill that prophecy."

5. If you thought Olivia and Mark's relationship was complicated before, you ain't seen nothing yet: Olivia (Sonya Walger) and Mark's marriage has been in deep water since Day One, when Olivia saw herself with another man (Lloyd) in her flashforward. Walger says Olivia will become more "instrumental" to the Mosaic investigation, just as her marriage takes another turn for the worse.

6. Aaron Stark's story will start to figure into the bigger picture: Until now, Aaron and the return of dead daughter Tracy has remained largely in the background. That won't stay true for long, though. "We get much further into that story in the second half of the season," says executive producer Jessika Borsiczky. "It starts to tie into other parts of our plot that are surprising. There's more to it because Jericho [the American private military contractor thought to be after Tracy] has its fingers in a lot of places."

7. Fans will finally get some answers: Borsiczky promises the series "will have a lot more fun answering questions" in the season's second half. One big question? The identity of Suspect Zero, the only person who was awake during the blackout — a discovery that will greatly affect the rest of the season. Fiennes says viewers will find out what the connection is between Somalia (a location believed to have experienced an earlier blackout) and the Oct. 6 blackout.

8. With more answers comes new questions: Despite his character's murder inching closer to realization, Cho says two other key questions will emerge that take hold of the Mosaic task force. "We will find out that there's another blackout that's supposed to happen and we are working to prevent that from happening because we're not sure how it's going to go down," he says. Demetri and the team will also discover there's a mole within the task force who is leaking valuable intel.

9. Everything viewers know now is wrong ... maybe: As we get more answers and learn more about individuals' flashforwards, some of the fans' early assumptions and information may come up short. "Everything we knew in the first half is maybe wrong," Cho says. "We spend the second half, to some degree, in disarray."

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