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A fictional global blackout changed many people's fates on FlashForward, and now fans of the ABC drama are hoping a series of blackouts will help change the canceled show's fate as well.

Weeks after ABC failed to renew the ratings-challenged freshman drama, fans are organizing massive staged blackouts to take place in front of ABC offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and several other major cities on June 10.

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"On October 6, 2009, the whole world blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, at the start of what promised to be ABC's new hit show, FlashForward," the "Save FlashForward" website says. "On June 10th, there will be another blackout, this time to change fate."

In addition to the staged blackouts, fans have begun sending calendars with the date April 29th circled (the date of the flash-forwards and of the second global blackout), friendship bracelets like the one Charlie gave her father, Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), and letters to ABC President Stephen McPherson.

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The staged blackouts and mailings mirror previous fan efforts to save cult series. In 2008, Jericho fans sent peanuts CBS executives, persuading them to give the show a short second season. Last year, Chuck viewers locked in a Season 3 renewal by flocking to series advertiser Subway as part of the "Finale and a Footlong" campaign.

FlashForward's May 27th season finale ended with a number of cliff-hangers, putting the future of main characters Benford and FBI agent Janis Hawk (Christine Woods) into question and showing flash-forwards of 2011 and 2015. The episode attracted 4.95 million viewers.

Regardless of fans' best efforts, it's unlikely that the show has a real shot at a second season. Three of the drama's main cast members, including Fiennes, Woods and Zachary Knighton, have already committed to other TV projects.

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