Grant Gustin Grant Gustin

Flash has officially come to life!

The first sneak peek of Grant Gustin in the Flash costume was released on Friday — an up-close shot of his head with his trademark lightning bolt symbol.

The Arrow spin-off stars Gustin as scientist Barry Allen who, after a freak accident, is given the power of super speed that transforms him into the Fastest Man Alive. Although Barry was struck by lightning during Arrow's midseason finale, we've yet to see his superpower and costume in action.

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After being introduced in the two-parter, the initial plan called for Barry to return in Episode 20, where we'd presumably see him in costume. The CW instead ordered a pilot, which will also star Jesse L. MartinTom CavanaghDanielle PanabakerRick Cosnett, Candace Patton and Carlos Valdes.

Based on characters published by DC Comics, the project comes from Greg BerlantiAndrew Kreisberg and DC Chief Geoff Johns.

What do you think of the costume?

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