Gina Holden, <EM>Flash Gordon</EM> Gina Holden, Flash Gordon

Sure, many actors from other countries are coming to the United States to act, but Gina Holden isn't among them. The actress is too busy working up in her native Canada not only in her role as Dale Arden — aka the true love of Flash Gordon (Fridays at 9 pm/ET, on Sci Fi Channel) — but she also appears in Lifetime's Blood Ties as a Goth mystery solver. Holden has two upcoming films as well, playing opposite Supernatural's Jared Padalecki and also braving an Aliens sequel. asked Holden how she makes it all work (without the benefit of those spatial rifts found on Flash Gordon). What attracted you to the role of Dale Arden?
Gina Holden: I'm a big comic-book nerd, and Dale's a dream role. She's right there with Flash during the adventures. Also, she was always pretty feisty, and I love that because I'm feisty, too. This modern version of Dale doesn't hesitate [to join in the fight scenes]. What prepared you for those battles?
Holden: I think it was my background and training as a ballet dancer. It's so technical and specific, but you also have to be calm enough to tell the story. I love the challenge of that. Smallville's Clark and Lana are destined not to be together, but it's just the opposite with Flash and Dale. We know they're supposed to be a couple even though she's currently with another guy.
Holden: I love that. I think it's going to take a while for them to get together because Dale's engaged and Flash has so much on his plate, but there's chemistry and love when they're together. They have to figure out how to get back together while saving the universe. Will we learn what separated Dale and Flash?
Holden: Absolutely. We're going to get into that backstory. Everyone's going to be brought up to speed. What were your first impressions of Eric Johnson [who plays Flash]?
Holden: When we met at the audition, I felt like I'd known him forever. I think I was meant to work with Eric. We have a lot of the same philosophies. He's the lead and he sets the tone. He's a joy. Have you read the old Gold Key comic books featuring Flash Gordon or watched the Buster Crabbe serials from the '30s or the 1980 movie starring Sam Jones and Melody Anderson?
Holden: All of the above! I wanted to immerse myself in it. I'm such a fan. Where are you in production?
Holden: We're doing Episode 12 of 22 right now. We don't wrap, I believe, until mid-December. I'm so excited every time I get a new script. What response did you get when you promoted the show at Comic-Con in July?
Holden: It was wonderful. There were about 1,500 fans in the room. An extended trailer was shown right before the Q&A. Fantastic Four is in your list of credits. Who did you play in that?
Holden: My scene [as a receptionist] was cut. There was just too much action to squeeze in, but that happens. So the movie had two "Invisible Girls"?
Holden: [Laughs] Yes. Exactly. How are you juggling Flash with your other series, Blood Ties?
Holden: I wrapped Blood Ties a week before I started shooting Flash. Blood Ties is great, and I think they're waiting to hear about a renewal. I hope I get to revisit that character sometime. But I'm committed to Flash. That's my main focus. At the July TV Critics Association press tour, reporters noted a trend of actors from other countries relocating to the United States to work. Are you going to make the move?
Holden: I had every intention of doing that, but since I've started acting I've been very fortunate — nearly all my work has been done up here [in Canada]. I'm really comfortable being here. My brother lives in Vancouver still, and my mom is close by, too. This is my home, but if I need to move to L.A., I will. You have a role in The Christmas Cottage, which has an all-star cast: Jared Padalecki, Peter O'Toole, Marcia Gay Harden, Ed Asner....
Holden: I'm still pinching myself over that. I play [artist] Thomas Kincaid's college girlfriend. She urges him to do the dark and gritty side of art. We have this passionate and loving relationship, but we don't stay together. You've also filmed a role in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.
Holden: Yes. I can't really talk about it not only because it's pretty confidential, but they also didn't release full scripts to everyone. I grew up idolizing Sigourney Weaver and the whole Aliens franchise. It's one of the coolest things that I've ever done. I hear that Sam Jones is doing a guest spot on the current Flash.
Yes, he joined us already. Unfortunately, I wasn't in that day! But I got to see all the pictures. Maybe Melody Anderson [the big-screen Dale] will be invited to drop by, too?
Holden: I would love that and I've already dropped the hint [to our producers]! I'd really love to see her and talk to her about her experiences. It'd be a great idea.

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