Torchwood Torchwood

Captain Jack is back! After a break of nearly two years, John Barrowman's omnisexual immortal time traveler and his alien-fighting organization will finally return for a new season of Torchwood on Friday, July 8. Subtitled Miracle Day, the 10-episode adventure moves to the show's new U.S. home, Starz.

When last seen in the summer of 2009 the Torchwood unit was decimated and its U.K. hub destroyed as the heroes successfully saved Earth's children from fearsome aliens and cowardly humans. This year Jack and his longtime colleague Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) team up with CIA agents Rex Matheson (ER's Mekhi Phifer) and Esther Drummond (All My Children vet Alexa Havins) to find out why nobody on the planet is dying. "People still age, they still get sick, they still have accidents, but they live on," says series creator Russell T. Davies. That includes an "executed" pedophile and child murderer named Oswald, played by Bill Pullman, who has a mysterious connection to the crisis.

Despite the action drama series' new U.S. location and its new network, it's still Torchwood, Barrowman promises: "The exciting writing, the darkness, the humor and the sexuality remain."

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