So this is how David E. Kelley sleeps at night. Just months after pink-slipping ex-Practice aide Marla Sokoloff (as well as five of her colleagues), the prolific producer has hired back the actress. Sokoloff is joining the cast of Kelley's new CBS drama, The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire as Audrey, a local Mare Winningham's character Dotty recruits to sing at her new theater.

"Dotty just takes a liking to her and convinces her to do some duets with her," says Sokoloff, who's on board for at least two episodes starting later this season. The role is a good fit for the 22-year-old, who moonlights as a singer. "It's so crazy, because I was always giving David my demo tapes when I was in my band [Smitten] and just praying he would let me sing on The Practice. So, for him to give me this opportunity was just amazing.

"Even though all that stuff went down with The Practice, I still think he's incredibly talented," she adds of Kelley. "I think he's a great guy. I don't hold anything against him for that."

Still, Sokoloff confesses that she took the firing hard — at least initially. "The first couple of days were awful," she says. "I think it's always difficult to be let go of something that you were so close to. I was there for five years. But now I can see that the show is completely different, and I understand fully what happened." Pausing, she adds: "Everyone moves on and everything comes to an end."

And just in case any of Sokoloff's fellow Practice rejects are reading this, thinking, "Why did David rehire her and not me?" the former Party of Five star has this to say: "I think he's going to use all of us at some point in his career. I was just one of the first to get asked." That and a buck-fifty will buy Chyler Leigh a Snapple.