Finally, viewers are getting their rocks off! The series achieved its highest ratings yet on Tuesday. Apparently, rock is alive and well and living on CBS two nights a week. It's about damn time, man. For me, nothing says Wednesday night quite like the combination of happy hour at my local pub and elimination hour with the INXS guys. And tonight I'm particularly excited to see who gets cut off.

With J.D. joining Ty and Jordis in the bottom three, I'd say the former Elvis impersonator is as DOA as the King was on that sad August day. After enduring J.Diva's ill-prepared studio session, it's now or never for INXS to kick him to the curb. At least that's what my colleagues down the hall, David and Carol, and I think. But it's not to be. Instead, it's bye-bye for Ty, who sheds a few tears and laments the success of "[his] people" in rock. I guess he's right, but what about Hendrix? Phil Lynott? Arthur Lee? Each is/was a successful rock genius and a man of color. Regardless, I'm certain that if anyone is going to go on to better things after this show, it's Ty, who has a surplus of charisma and talent. What I'm uncertain about, however, is the legitimacy of keeping J.D. around. Is he a reality ringer? A singing Omarosa, so to speak? Hmmm if that Elvis wannabe makes it to the finale, I'll be of a suspicious mind for sure.