Dakota Johnson Dakota Johnson

Anastasia Steele is a mouth-breather.

QUIZ: Grey's Anatomy plotline or Florida news story?

Fifty Shades of Grey released its first full-length trailer Thursday and it is... breathy. Sandwiched between lines like, "I like to see your face" and "Why are you trying to change me? ... I'm not. It's you that's changing me" is a lot of gasping. And not just in the five billion requisite shots of Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) pushing Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) against a wall to make out. Anastasia gasps in the rain. She gasps at the hardware store. At some points in the trailer, there are just gasping noises randomly laid over the Beyonce song playing in the background.

Someone get that girl an inhaler. I'm worried about her.

Fifty Shades hits theaters on Feb. 13. What do you think of the trailer?