Earlier this year, Will Ferrell streaked nude across the silver screen in Old School. So it's no surprise to see him make another asinine wardrobe choice for his newest movie, Elf (opening Friday). In the holiday comedy, he sports bright yellow tights and wanders through the streets of Manhattan, spreading Christmas cheer. And he's man enough to admit he actually liked it.

"[The tights] were invigorating," the former SNL funnyman says. "They were specially made by engineers at NASA, and they actually cost $40,000. They were just basic fleece, and kind of comfortable in New York because, if you recall, it was a cold winter."

Ferrell enjoyed the strange looks Big Apple pedestrians gave him in his banana-colored legwear. "It was a lot of fun," the 36-year-old admits. "In college and high school, [I used to] just wear crazy outfits for the day and see if anyone noticed. That was just par for the course for me.

"But I was amazed at how New Yorkers would walk right by me," he continues. "Or they'd refuse to make eye contact, which would then provoke me to give them a hug. People became really uncomfortable, or they would yell things like, 'Nice tights!'"

While his odd behavior was probably pretty amusing, Ferrell insists that many people are disappointed upon meeting him. "I'm constantly letting people down," he jokingly laments. "When I meet people, there is a definite level of expectation. But after they have come up and said hello, they are walking away going, 'I don't get it. He's not so funny.'"