Axl Jack Duhamel Axl Jack Duhamel

Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel showed off their newborn son on Tuesday, tweeting out the first two photos of Axl.

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"Axl Jack Duhamel Day 1. Life is good," Duhamel, 40, tweeted on Tuesday, adding that the paparazzi can leave their house now. Fergie, 38, shared the second photo of Axl wearing a headphone-like device. "Axl Jack Duhamel. Day 2 of life. Hearing test complete. All systems go."

Axl, who is the first child for both, was born in late August. Fergie initially announced in February that she was expecting on Twitter. "Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!!," she tweeted with a link to a picture of her at childhood with a picture of a very young Duhamel cropped in next to her.

Fergie and Duhamel married in 2009 after dating for more than four years.