I fell asleep again; tonight it was the soothing rhythms of the kayaks that lulled me into a nice slumber. Seriously, it has to be this show. I watch at least four hours of TV a night, and I don't usually have this problem. Even after this I managed to wake myself up and watch several more shows. You'd think that all these people would make it slightly more enthralling, but it doesn't seem like it. I think Road Rules Theo's comment about Ryan Starr's social skills kind of sums it up perfectly: "I've had a better conversation with a waffle." Well, I've had a lot more fun eating than watching this "competition.".The only remotely entertaining event was the Super High Jump, which was a leap off a diving board over a bar and into the pool. This looked very silly, but of course Mike the Miz and Co. took it way too seriously. At least there's only one more week of this, although I may miss the quality nap time.