L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson of <EM>Lost</EM> L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson of Lost

Question: Are you feeling better? We can't have our all-time favorite columnist under the weather!

Answer: My stomach isn't 100 percent settled, but that's probably just nerves. My Veronica Mars episode airs tonight and my handlers are telling me to enjoy my final hours of relative anonymity, so I'm a little on edge. BTW, for those non-Mars fans (shame!) who don't want to sit through the entire episode waiting for me and my bright orange sweater to show up, here's a time-saving tip: Don't take your eyes off the screen for the first 15 minutes. And really start to pay attention when the action shifts to Java the Hut and Veronica says, "Talk a man *** ** *** *********." And yes, I am indeed the "man" to whom she refers.