Question: I have a feeling this question may well bring your ridicule raining down on me. Any Kyle XY scoop?

Answer: Ridicule? Pshaw. No need to be ashamed. Kyle XY is a fun show. (Or so I hear.) To answer your question, yes, I have some scoop for you. The Aug. 28 season finale will answer a "number of questions," series creator David Himelfarb tells my colleague Ileane Rudolph. Among them: How did Kyle come to be in the woods in the shows opening scene? Who killed Professor Kern? Are there others like Kyle? And what is Amanda's boyfriend, Charlie, hiding? "As the show goes on, Himelfarb says, the mythology aspect will grow. We started out more like Starman; we end up more like Lost.  It was a softer, sweeter show, and now we're much more about the mystery and the jeopardy."