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Fear the Walking Dead Mega Buzz: Is Nick Going to Relapse?

We know from Breaking Bad that it's dangerous to let an addict work in drug manufacturing

Liam Mathews

Fear the Walking Dead executive producer Dave Erickson made a name for himself as a writer on Breaking Bad, and he's taking a cue from his previous show on Sunday's episode. "Pablo & Jessica" finds amateur pharmacist Nick (Frank Dillane) going Walter White with Colonia's painkiller supply.

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Nick is a resourceful junkie who knows how to stretch a short supply, and he devises a plan with his new bite-proof buddy Alejandro (Paul Calderon) to rip off the drug-addicted gangsters who control what remains of Tijuana. But will chemical experimentation of one kind lead him back into chemical experimentation of another? He's playing with fire here.

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​Frank Dillane and Paul Calderon, Fear the Walking Dead

Frank Dillane and Paul Calderon, Fear the Walking Dead

Richard Foreman/AMC