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Fear the Walking Dead Exclusive: Mistakes Are Made in the Season 3B Teaser

Dudes, don't trust that guy!

Tim Surette

Fear the Walking Dead ended the first half of its third season on shaky ground. Madison (Kim Dickens) brokered peace between the Broke Jaw Ranch and the Black Hat Reservation by staging a suicide of Jeremiah (Dayton Callie). While that solved the problem temporarily, it also brought to power Jeremiah's kids, most notably that lunatic Troy (Daniel Sharman).

Well, surprise, surprise. In the just-released Season 3B teaser, it looks like Troy will be a pain in the butt again.

The theme of these next eight episodes appears to continue what transpired at the end, which is uneasy alliances with enemies in order to move the greater good forward. Given the non-stop barrage of in-fighting in the 30-second tease, it's pretty obvious that doesn't go so well.

Fear the Walking Dead Unveils Season 3B Trailer

Two other things to note in the teaser: there's a water shortage and a zombie shortage. The water's going to be a problem for the survivors, but the lack of zombies? That might be a problem for viewers. Where they at, AMC?

Fear the Walking Dead returns for Season 3B on Sept. 10 at 9/8c on AMC.