Jason Thompson and Brianna Brown Jason Thompson and Brianna Brown

We can't say we didn't see this coming. But it's still a stunner. On July 2, General Hospital surgeons Lisa Niles (Brianna Brown) and Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) will get drunk and hit the sack while his wife, Robin (Kimberly McCullough), is away in Africa working with AIDS patients. That's not the surprising part. Lisa and Patrick were lovers back in college so it was only a matter of time before the past reared its naughty head. This is what throws us for a loop:

"Lisa is going to get very obsessive with Patrick and we will go into a Fatal Attraction story," says the soap's Emmy-winning head writer Bob Guza. "This is not a Glenn Close sort of thing. Lisa is not a psycho. She won't be boiling bunnies. But that's not to say she won't be acting out in a big way."

Guza intends this to be a less sensational, more realistic take on a tryst gone sour. "Lisa was never able to emotionally let go of that connection she had with Patrick back in school," says the scribe. "When that is resurrected for one night — and Patrick says it can never happen again — she tries very hard to accept that. And she fails. Miserably."

Blame their one-nighter on booze. "Patrick and Lisa go celebrate after pulling off a miracle surgery on Shirley [Michael Learned]," Brown reports. "They get a little tipsy and wind up in bed, which is probably how the majority of affairs get started." The actress joined GH last December and was given plenty of time to get viewers on her side. "I don't feel that Lisa is in any way manipulative," Brown insists. "The audience is going to understand where all three people are coming from, and see fault in all three. But, because Patrick and Robin are such a beloved couple, Lisa is probably going to get all the blame!"

Brown needn't worry about job security — not yet anyway "We have a good long way to go with this story — in fact, we might easily get another year out of it," says Guza, who plans to take his sweet time having Lisa go haywire. "Patrick's refusal to continue [having sex] is not what sets Lisa off.  Rather, there's a very small psychological event that will happen some weeks later. It gets her very perturbed."

There are actually five people in this triangle. Lisa recently took up with Dr. Steven Webber (Scott Reeves). And Robin is still hung up on her lover Stone (Michael Sutton), even though he died of AIDS back in 1995 and left her HIV-positive. "He was the love of her life and still is," Guza says. "If Stone was still around, Robin would not be with Patrick — and that's very hard for Patrick to face. It's left him feeling very vulnerable."

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