Iman and Isaac Mizrahi Iman and Isaac Mizrahi

The Project Runway-ish competition is back tonight at 10/9c on Bravo with a Survivor-like alteration (two teams of six instead of 12 lone designers). We needled The Fashion Show hosts Iman and Isaac Mizrahi for the skinny.

TV Guide Magazine: How do you feel about the format changes?
Mizrahi: I love the two-house idea... The dueling fashion shows.
Iman: It creates what the title implies. Individual dresses from 12 designers really don't make for a fashion show.

TV Guide Magazine: As the new judge, you're pretty tough, Iman.
Iman: Yes! Thank God they have Isaac [who judges and mentors]. He is the sweetest thing. I am just there to chop them off at the knees!

TV Guide Magazine: Worst outfit all season?
Iman: The ugliest is on the first episode. I'll just mention the color yellow.
Mizrahi: Oh, yes. But there was something uglier...
Iman: From the marriage challenge.
Mizrahi: It was this civil-union one, and there was a look, darling, that was beyond ugliness.

TV Guide Magazine: Isaac, how is dressing Iman?
Mizrahi: It's divine. Iman really knows what she likes. She can say "no" or "yes" very strongly.
Iman: [Laughs] I can say "no," and then I can say, "F---, no!"

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