Finally! Farscape fans who mourned Sci Fi Channel's canceled cult hit will see their fave space-opera stars reunited this weekend. John Crichton and fiancée Aeryn Sun have a baby on the way and intergalactic turmoil on their hands in Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, a four-hour miniseries starting Sunday at 9 pm/ET. Here, Ben Browder — who plays the astronaut-turned-action hero — tells TV Guide Online all about his visit from the space stork!

TV Guide Online: Once again, your real-life wife, Francesca Buller, plays someone who wants to kill you.
Ben Browder:
[Cracking up] It was just the show's writing reflecting my natural existence. She wants to kill [me]. It didn't require any acting.

TVGO: Crichton, of course, does his requisite suffering in the miniseries.
Poor John Crichton. He's the most hunted man in the universe. [But] I've always contended, from the very beginning, that at the heart of Farscape is a romance. Part of building a life is finding the people you love and care about, and clinging to them to shelter yourself from the outside world. The inevitable relationship between Crichton and Aeryn best represents that.

TVGO: You and Claudia Black, who plays Aeryn Sun, seem very natural together.
For [much] of the time we worked together, if you dropped in on the set, you'd have thought we were a married couple. My wife, Francesca, was watching the scene [in Peacekeeper Wars] where Crichton and Aeryn are reintegrated and pull the weapons out. She said, "You both pulled your guns out at the same time — how did you guys do that?" And I said, "We just do."

TVGO: The idea of Crichton and Aeryn Sun as parents is mind-blowing.
[Laughs] I really want to see that scene with Aeryn and Crichton changing diapers. [We would] probably have to be shooting at something. The idea of changing diapers while shooting the aliens, to me, is very exciting and funny. I want to see Crichton and Aeryn trying to sneak off and make another baby, while [their existing] baby is abducted by some aliens.

TVGO: Sounds scary! So is watching Aeryn Sun give birth.
I loved that childbirth scene. The finished version is actually much more sedate than the [original] version. They cut it back some. It was a lot rougher.