Farrah Abraham Farrah Abraham

Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham will be staying on your TV screen. 

Abraham told Us Weekly that she's in the midst of signing onto her own reality show. "I'm just closing it," Abraham said. "It's gonna be just about me and my life."

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Out of all the young mothers to appear on MTV's 16 & Pregnant

and Teen Mom, Abraham has used the exposure to her advantage the most. Last month, she released several electronica songs as well an autobiography, My Teenage Dream Ended. Abraham is also currently pursuing a modeling career.But what about baby Sophia? "She's wonderful," Abraham said of her 3-year-old daughter. "I've been working so much, but I fly out tomorrow to see her — I'm so excited."Abraham has gotten a lot of criticism since first appearing on MTV in 2009. Abraham's own mother has attacked her parenting skills, and her decision to leave Sophia in Iowa while attending college in Florida became the center of a minor media controversy.