Farrah Abraham Farrah Abraham

For anyone considering plastic surgery, we recommend you first check out this photo of former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham.

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Abraham, 23, shared pictures on Twitter Tuesday of her botched lip implants, which resulted in her upper lip protruding far over her lower one.

Abraham, who had previously tried collagen lip injections, had a nose job, got and reversed a chin implant and had her breasts enhanced, took the surgery faux pas in stride despite being hospitalized. The reality star even tweeted a side-by-side comparing her new profile to Leela's from Futurama. "Gotta love my new look," Abraham joked.

In fact, Abraham truly seems to be loving the attention her messed up face is getting her. Since sharing the photos, which have been retweeted thousands of times, Abraham has taken to retweeting write-ups of her botched surgery, something which should surprise no one. This is the woman who made a porn with James Deen but pretended it was a leaked sex tape, went on Couples Therapy alone, had sex toys molded in her likeness and worked as a stripper "for research."

No matter your thoughts on Abraham, you've got to respect her hustle.

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