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FX Orders More Fargo and Louie

Fresh off earning 18 Emmy nominations for Fargo, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf announced Monday that the network has ordered a second installment. FX has also renewed...

Kate Stanhope

Fresh off earning 18 Emmy nominations for Fargo, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf announced Monday that the network has ordered a second installment. FX has also renewed Louie for Season 5.

The new "chapter" of Fargo, which will consist of 10 episodes, will again be written by Noah Hawley and will focus on new characters, a new time period and a new "true crime" story. Unlike FX's other anthology series, American Horror Story, the second incarnation of Fargo will not welcome back any of the first season's actors. "Fargo demands a different level of realism," Landgraf said. "I don't think we felt we could reintroduce those actors as new characters."

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When asked about casting for the new episodes, Landgraf said he didn't feel the same pressure to land big names primarily because of Hawley's work on Season 1. "I think it be nice to have a movie star in the second cycle of Fargo, but I don't really think it's necessary. I think we needed Billy Bob Thornton, but I don't think we need somebody next year," he said. "Frankly, I think we can do it with unknowns." Although he said that the scripts are "already well in progress," the new season will debut no earlier than Fall 2015.

Louie, which also earned five Emmy nominations, will return next spring for a seven-episode fifth season. "We feel a sense of exhilaration watching Louis [C.K.] push the boundaries of television," Landgraf said.

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See what else he discussed for the FX executive session below:

Tracy Morgan's new show: The Tracy Morgan Project, from the writers and stars of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, was originally scheduled to premiere on FXX in January alongside Season 10 of Sunny. Although that will "no longer be possible given Tracy's recent injuries" from his June car accident, Landgraf said that they are "extremely encouraged by his progress and remain excited about the new show," for which the writers are currently writing a new pilot.

American Horror Story's latest incarnation: When asked about the upcoming fourth installment of American Horror Story, titled Freak Show, Landgraf described it as midway between Coven and Asylum. "It's not quite as brooding and formal and Hitchcock-ian as Asylum. It's got a little bit more humor, a little bit more camp, but it has a very broody period feel to it," Landgraf said. "The characters are really distinctive, really original, some very strange, but I think very compelling. I love what I've read so far."

RIP Totally Biased: When asked about the November 2013 cancellation of the network's late-night talk show Totally Biased with W. Kamua Bell, Landgraf said he doesn't regret pulling the plug. "The show wasn't quite good enough yet. I think it was brilliant sometimes," Landgraf said. "We bet on a very young, very talented guy early in the curve and we didn't make a show that was really good enough to rise up to the highest level of what's being done in that form." However, Landgraf said Bell "learned an enormous amount" from the show. "I predict he'll be back."

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