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Fargo's Lorne Malvo is quite the mystery. He's also a snake charmer, various aspects of the animal kingdom and a rock star, if you ask Billy Bob Thornton.

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While discussing the FX drama with, Thornton used an array of colorful analogies to describe the enigmatic character. What better way to get to know Malvo than through the eyes of the actor who plays him? Here are 10 things Malvo is like, according to Thornton:

1. Snake charmer

"He knows how to manipulate people so easily. It's his nature to be able to do that."

2. Alligator

"He has a goal, he has a job to do. He's like an alligator."

3. Eating machine

"He's an eating machine. That's the great thing about the character. With most characters you have to think about the backstory, their motivations. With Malvo you don't. I'm sure Malvo doesn't think about his backstory, his past. Everything's about the moment and what he has to do right now."

4. Animal

"He literally lives like an animal. He's part of the animal kingdom."

5. Teacher

"Maybe he has his eye on [Gus Grimly] as one of his students."

6. Ghost

"I view him as a ghost." 

7. Bass Player for Buffalo Springfield

"Neil Young actually had that look at one point. So once I put that big coat on and that turtle neck and those bangs and that beard, it's like I'm a bass player in a country rock band in '67 in L.A."

8. Snake charmer (again)

"Like I said Malvo is a snake charmer... just like animals who lure prey, he can do that." 

9. Apparition

"He's just like this apparition that comes to town." 

10. Polar Bear

"To say he's right or wrong, it would be like saying a polar bear's wrong."

What do you think of Malvo? 

Fargo airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX. Catch up on the latest episode here!