Why does Lois want to double-date with her son?

On Sunday's Family Guy (9/8c, Fox), Chris' new girlfriend Heather is all 50 shades of demanding when it comes to their relationship and unfortunately finds Chris lacking. When she dumps him, he spirals into a depression.

Fortunately, he bounces back with a new-and-improved girlfriend, who's also named Heather. Not only is she sweet and undemanding, but she has some major curves! The only problem? She's a life-sized doll he's made out of various household items... including two cabbages for a bosom. (Were melons not in season?)

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Chris' delusional relationship with this new Heather should have Lois worried, but instead, she's encouraging it! See why she wants to go on a double-date with the happy new couple in the exclusive sneak peek below:

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