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15 Times Family Guy's Stewie Was the Best-Dressed Baby

Check out the time he totally owned a twerk-off!

Hanh Nguyen

Stewie is the epitome of what makes Family Guy work.

Sure, the Fox animated comedy can be offensive and totally gross, but on the flip side, it has joyous and -- dare we say -- cute moments. Much of that adorableness comes courtesy of the Griffins' megalomaniacal baby Stewie, whose evil side is balanced by how he fills out those delightful baby clothes.

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But since this is Stewie, he's not content with just wearing the standard-issue overalls or Garanimals. Nope, he's got much more style and flair than that. Below, check out the 15 times that Stewie was television's best-dressed baby:



2. That time he made Brian's ex jealous

3. That time he tapped into his inner hipster

4. That time he tried to escape from the Titanic

5. That time he "quacked" us up for Halloween



6. That time he was a grease monkey

7. That time he threw a sexy party

8. That time he and Brian danced all night



9. That time he was the cat's meow



10. That time he was wise



11. That time he visited the Big Bad Wolf

12. That time the devil made him do it



13. That time he paid tribute to Carmen Miranda



14. That time he went to the Dark Side



15. That time he totally owned a twerk-off



Family Guy airs Sundays at 9/8c on Fox.