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Family Guy Exclusive: Peter Gets in Another Chicken Fight

And this time it isn't even close

Tim Surette

Family Guy's Peter Griffin is well known to have beef (fights) with poultry (chickens), as has been documented by his epic battles with one particular overgrown bird. But that anger towards the feathered farm animals extends to more than just Ernie the Giant Chicken.

In this clip of Sunday's episode, Peter and his pals get the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to run The Bearded Clam while its owner Jerome has to go back to Long Island (go Mets!) to look after his ailing mother. It's all Peter has ever wanted... well, except for one thing as you'll see in the video above.

Elsewhere in the episode, Stewie -- fresh off revealing one of his biggest secrets -- learns the tricks and trade of Wall Street and becomes a stock shark. Brian asks Stewie to show him the ropes and WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!?!

Family Guy airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Fox.