Family Guy Family Guy

Fox's Family Guy will be presenting an hour-long Christmas special entitled Road to the North Pole, complete with three musical numbers. It's the long-running animated show's first holiday outing since Season 2. The insanity begins when Brian takes Stewie to see Santa at the mall. "They're in a very long line, so by the time they get up there, Santa goes on break," says executive producer Steve Callaghan. "Stewie gets pissed off, so he and Brian go on a road trip to the North Pole to kill Santa Claus."

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Talk about a nightmare before Christmas! Parents, before you write your protest letters to Fox, Callaghan assures me that, "There's a very nice surprise when they get there. We've written it in a way that all parties are protected. I think people will enjoy it."

Ah, don't you just love a Christmas miracle? 

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