Brian Brian

Before our tears have even dried, Family Guy might be resurrecting Brian after shockingly killing him off last week.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the dog will return in the Dec. 15episode and will continue to play a role on the show. The logline for the episode, "Christmas Guy," which lists Brian in the cast of characters, reads: "Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas."

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In the Nov. 24 episode, Brian died after being run over by a car. Since Stewie had destroyed his time machine, there was nothing he could do to revive his four-legged friend. But the Griffin family moved on and got a new dog Vinny (Tony Sirico).

After Brian's death, fans launched a petition urging producers to bring back the beloved character, and it seems this was their plan all along. In October, executive producer Steve Callaghan told EW that Maya Rudolph would appear next season as a runner Brian becomes enamored with.