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Fall TV is upon us!

Your favorite TV shows are returning in just a few short weeks — some of them with radical changes. (We're looking at you, Glee and Grey's Anatomy.) Will your favorite characters be shacking up with someone new, getting new jobs or — sniff — dying? You'll have to check TVGuide.com in the coming weeks to get the scoop on all things fall TV!

For now, our editors have compiled a lengthy list of things we hope to see happen on TV this year. Keep in mind that these are wishes near and dear to our hearts and do not reflect any actual upcoming plots (yet!). Check it out:

Carrie gets her mojo back and 6 more Homeland insights

Homeland: For Carrie to get vindication that she was right all along without the consequences, including the loss of Damian Lewis on the series.

The Vampire Diaries: That Klaus somehow becomes a part of the Mystic Falls gang. Yes, we know he's bad, but he's awesomely bad.

Castle: That Castle and Beckett don't instantly break up. But also, don't let the relationship sidetrack the wit and charm of the show and other elements.

NCIS: Tony and Ziva. Just do it already.

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23: Katie Holmes should make her triumphant TV return opposite The Beek. (The Creek's Dawson and Joey, together again!)

Downton Abbey: Thomas gets his comeuppance (again!) when the Crawleys' pooch Isis develops a habit of urinating him, perhaps recalling that he had something to do with dog-napping her.

30 Rock: Liz should get her baby with Criss, leave "TGS" and ride off into the sunset. We want to go to there. Also, don't even think about pairing Jack and Liz!

Grey's Anatomy: Give Lexie a proper funeral, let Cristina and Owen reconcile, have Meredith actually get pregnant and give Alex a love interest who will challenge him. Please, Shonda Rhimes?

Sons of Anarchy: Let Jax have his moment in the spotlight, but don't just keep Clay on the sidelines licking his wounds. Bad Clay = good drama.

How I Met Your Mother: More Robin Sparkles, less Chris Elliott. Also, seriously, introduce the mother this year.

Criminal Minds: That Jeanne Tripplehorn's new BAU team member will actually be a well-developed female character.

Smash: Lose Leo, and Julia's scarves, STAT!

Revenge: Fauxmanda should disappear for good so Emily and Jack can get together. Also, Tyler should come back from the dead or... ya know, in a flashback. 

The X Factor: That Britney Spears has a full-on meltdown during one of the live shows.

Scandal: More Huck.

Bones: Have Brennan's time on the lam actually make her realize the value of lasting, human relationships. After seven seasons, let's crack through her ice a bit.

The Voice: No more audience voting because their taste is suspect. Endless blind audition rounds. Purrfect the cat eats that pink cockatoo. Plus: Christina Aguilera needs to stop talking over everyone.

Once Upon a Time: For the Charming family reunion to be as wonderful and heartwarming as we've all imagined. Plus: Please have Sheriff Graham return, and make sure August turns back into a real boy!

The Office: That Kelly Kapoor's send-off involves an epic final breakup with Ryan. Also, please let the new cast members be good.

Game of Thrones: More Joffrey-slapping!

Doctor Who: Before the Ponds leave, we see an army of Amys wearing kiss-o-gram outfits. (Maybe in a Rory dream?)

Boardwalk Empire: Lots of flashbacks of Jimmy, who shouldn't have died!

American Idol: For Fox to announce it's the final season. Seriously, it's time.

Grimm: Juliette dies of the cat scratch. Nick begins dating a revolving door of sexy Wesen.

Which Modern Family character has been re-cast?

Modern Family: Now that is taken care of, we're good.

Undercover Boss: An episode featuring the bigwig at Chippendales... in that signature bowtie.

The Bachelor: Robert Pattinson is the next Bachelor. Sorry, buddy but when one door closes...

The Good Wife: For Alicia and Kalinda to reconnect. Plus: Julianne Nicholson should return, even though we love Willicia.

Glee: Kurt and Blaine need to break up already. You can't stay that happy on TV for too long and still be interesting. But Brittany and Santana should keep their romance and attempt a long-distance relationship. Can you imagine the brilliance of Brittany trying to figure out Skype?

The Walking Dead: That Michonne and The Governor live up to their badass comic book counterparts. Plus: Lori needs to die.

Suburgatory: Tessa and Ryan Shaye really need to start dating. (And for weirdo people on the interwebs to stop 'shipping George and Tessa.)

Gossip Girl: That the CW series goes back to basics in its final season. Enough with all the peripheral scheming characters! Just focus on the luxurious life of NYC's Upper East Siders! (And long live Chuck and Blair!)

Happy Endings: That Dave will ditch Alex once and for good. #TeamPenny.

Parenthood: Instead of Mark and Sarah having a baby, let Crosby and Jasmine take a second shot at parenthood.

Parks and Recreation: Amy Poehler should write and direct more episodes (The debate!).  Plus: Burt Macklin returns!

Dexter: If this really is the beginning of the end, make Dexter face some real and serious consequences both at home and at work. And Deb f---ing better live!

Dexter: Now that Deb knows, it's the beginning of the end

New Girl: Jess and Nick need to make out — even if it's a drunken accident. Also, we hope David Walton finally finds the success on New Girl that eluded him on Bent.

Fringe: For the series to pay off the long-running and over-arching mysteries of the series for the fans who have been loyal.

2 Broke Girls: Lay off on the vagina jokes. We get it, you're trying to be edgy.

Private Practice: If this is going to be the final season, give fans who have stuck by the show some real closure.

The Big Bang Theory: For Sheldon and Amy to take their relationship to the next level. Seriously, can you imagine Sheldon post-coitus?

Person of Interest: Slip some muscle relaxers into Jim Caviezel's morning coffee. Dude needs to loosen up!

Supernatural: More bromance, please. Also, an Impala-centric episode with awesome rock jams

Community: Even though Dan Harmon is gone, keep the spirit of the plotless, one-off episodes intact. 

American Horror Story: That Jessica Lange is equally as delightful as a nun at the insane asylum as she was the acid-tongued Southern belle from Season 1. Plus: Give Sarah Paulson a meatier role this time around.

Whitney: We hope Whitney Cummings learns how to act. (She said it, not us.)

What do you want to see happen on TV this year?