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Last fall, eight of the top 10 shows added to Watchlist were picked up for a full season. Coincidence — or are users just that savvy at picking winners? And will they have the same Midas touch this year?

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We're going to find out. Since May, when the networks announced their fall lineups at the annual upfronts presentations, we've been tracking which shows users were most excited about, as evidenced by their addition to Watchlists. Three months later, we've got a lot of data from our 500,000+ Watchlist users. So far, for example, users are generally more interested in the new dramas, with shows like ABC's 666 Park Avenue, NBC's Chicago Fire and CBS' Vegas all cracking the top 10.

But why? Here's the inside scoop as to why some new shows are clicking with audiences:

Elementary (CBS, No. 1) Why is Elementary the top-trending new fall show? It's a quick-paced, witty crime procedural with a secret weapon: British actor Jonny Lee Miller. His stealth popularity brought ABC's weird singing, dancing lawyer show Eli Stone (that had so-so ratings) a disproportionately devoted fan base. CBS likes Miller — and Elementary — enough to pair it with Person of Interest, last year's breakout drama. This one-two punch will attract major eyeballs on a very competitive Thursday night.

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Arrow (CW, No. 3) The crowd at Comic-Con loved this darker take on the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow character previously seen on the now-canceled Smallville, another CW show that attracted young male viewers. Expect droves of fanboys (and -girls) to check this out.

Revolution (NBC, No. 4) Perhaps you've seen a promo or two (or 500) for Revolution during NBC's Olympics coverage, which explains its recent rise in the rankings. It's going to need all the help it can get. It's not exactly a great time to launch a serialized mystery show (R.I.P., Alcatraz, The Event and FlashForward), but this twisty supernatural drama has the nerdly pedigree of the triumvirate of J.J. Abrams, Eric Kripke and Jon Favreau, a compelling premise, and a solid cast, including Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost and Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad.

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Check back next week for more insight into fall's potential breakout hits.