Jaime King and Jay Mohr, <I>Gary Unmarried</i> Jaime King and Jay Mohr, Gary Unmarried

Two of this fall TV season's bubble shows are starting to slide off the fence to stand on firm ground, while another holds out hope for a last-minute reprieve.

Gary Unmarried, which as I pointed out in our Save 'Em or Shelve 'Em bubble shows round-up has held if not often built on Old Christine's audience, has been awarded a full-season pick-up by CBS.

The Eye's other freshman laffer, Worst Week, didn't secure its own "back nine" just yet, but did get an order for three additional episodes.

Over at ABC, though Pushing Daisies on Thursday night wrapped production on the 13th and final ordered episode of its second season, series creator Bryan Fuller is holding out hope that Stephen McPherson will "touch" the acclaimed series back to life. "Our ABC exec was on the set last night saying they are still swinging in the fight to keep Daisies on the air," Fuller tells the Reporter. "Spirits are high and hopeful and everyone here is very proud of our work and this show."