Murphy Brown is officially back! The premiere of the revival found the gang, including Corky Sherwood (Faith Ford), Frank Fontana (Joe Regalbuto) and Miles Silverberg (Grant Shaud), back at the fictional TV newsmagazine FYI and jumping right into the political media circus.

Some 20 years after she left the tube, Murphy (Candice Bergen) came back to offer up her unflinching take on the headlines, which predominately means taking on the Trump White House's strange relationship with the truth. And if she didn't have her hands full there, she's also sharing her home with her grown son Avery (Jake McDorman), which for Murphy is less an opportunity to nurture again and more of a chance to nurture a rivalry, since he's working for the conservative-leaning Wolf network.

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Once a indelible part of the TV landscape and the cultural conversation at large, Murphy Brown is now a big fish in a much, much bigger pond. Were you feeling her return? Let us know about this newly revived show and other new fall series by voting in our annual Fall TV Popularity Contest right here.

Joe Regalbuto, Candice Bergen, and Faith Ford, <em>Murphy Brown</em>Joe Regalbuto, Candice Bergen, and Faith Ford, Murphy Brown

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