Jack McGee and Tyler Ritter Jack McGee and Tyler Ritter

Was The McCarthys sick?

Now that the CBS sitcom has premiered, we want to know your thoughts — and what you think of every new show that's debuted so far this fall.

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After watching The McCarthys' first episode, are you ready to move to Beantown with Ronny & Co.? Or does the show feel old-fashioned and dated? Vote now!

Check back soon to see which new shows TVGuide.com users pick as their favorites — and least favorites. And stay tuned to see the final rankings of the most-liked and -disliked freshman series.Plus, check out our full premieres calendar to help you keep track of all the premiere dates and when to vote.VIDEO: The McCarthys cast says no bad Boston accents are allowed!

The McCarthys: No bad Boston accents allowed!

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