Sons of Anarchy fans who still can't let go of FX's biker drama can fret not: Mayans M.C., a spin-off about a Latino motorcycle club, is finally here. While co-creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James really want viewers to remember that Mayans is its own show, the drama has more or less the same elements that Sons fans loved, including badass dudes, roaring motorcycles and a big crop of similar characters doing unsavory things.

Badasses doing unsavory things is also the chief attraction in The Purge, USA's adaptation of the film series, which also premiered on Tuesday. Produced by the same Blumhouse team that's behind the movie franchise, The Purge series follows a seemingly unconnected group of people on Purge night as they navigatethrough all the madness and mayhem that comes along with the event.

Fall TV Popularity Contest: Which New Shows Do You Love? Which Do You Hate?

But will Mayans M.C or The Purge be your new fall obsession? Do the dangerous crimes and loud engines in Mayans get your motor running, or is The Purge your new (insanely violent) happy place? Let us know which shows you love and which you hate by voting in our annual Fall TV Popularity Contest right here!

<em>Mayans M.C., The Purge</em>Mayans M.C., The Purge