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Fall TV Popularity Contest: Will You Follow Hulu Into the Dark?

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Liam Mathews

Did the first installment of Hulu's horror anthology Into the Dark lead you down the right path? Or did you turn the lights on and walk out?

Into the Dark has a pretty novel premise: on the first Friday of every month, Hulu will release an installment inspired by a holiday in that month. This month's entry, "The Body," takes place on Halloween. The show is produced by Blumhouse, the studio behind horror sensations like Get Out and The Purge, and you can definitely tell. It feels like one of the studio's signature low-budget horror offerings. And since it tells a self-contained story in an hour and 22 minutes, "The Body" is more like a short, cheap movie than an episode of TV.

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"The Body" is a mean little slasher flick directed by Paul Davies and stars Tom Bateman as a nihilistic assassin who works on Halloween, since it's the one day a year where no one will look twice if you're covered in blood and dragging a corpse around. Rebecca Rittenhouse, Aurora Perrineau and David Hull play fresh meat.

Did it have you making like Death Cab Cutie and singing "I'll Follow You Into the Dark?" Let us know by voting in our annual Fall TV Popularity Contest right here.

​Tom Bateman, Into the Dark

Tom Bateman, Into the Dark

Richard Foreman, Hulu