Instead of spending Sunday night dreading another week back in the grind, we hope you wasted your weekend more productively with the series premieres of Charmed and Camping.

Charmed is the reboot no one can stop talking about — not even the original series stars — and fans are falling on different sides of the fence about this witchy new remake. Set to the original premise of three sisters who find out that they're actually powerful witches, Charmed seeks to put a 2018 spin on a beloved CW series. Whether it managed to put audiences under its spell, however, remains to be seen.

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HBO's latest half-hour comedy, Camping, recruited Jennifer Garner back to TV as a control-freak housewife who's kind of Insta-famous, if she does say so herself. Her camping adventures with her husband, Walt (David Tennant) and a few eccentric guests, quickly turn into misadventures, which provides lots of cringeworthy laughter all around. This could be HBO's next big comedic hit!

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Jennifer Garner, Melonie Diaz, <em>Camping</em> and <em>Charmed</em>Jennifer Garner, Melonie Diaz, Camping and Charmed