Privileged Privileged

Privileged won't return for a second season, series creator Rina Mimoun tells via email, adding only, "It's so sad" and a little frowny-face emoticon.

A charming dramedy fronted by the luminous JoAnna Garcia, Privileged struggled in the ratings, but delivered many young women viewers — the CW's sweet spot.

Further bolstering the show's recent comeback buzz was the underperformance of the Gossip Girl spin-off pilot (now considered to be out of contention), the widely rumored cancellation of Reaper, and network execs' warm reception of Mimoun's Season 2 plan.

Instead, sources say the CW will plug add to its lineup with Vampire Diaries (starring Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley as blood-sucking brothers), the Melrose Place reboot (with Ashley Simpson-Wentz) and Beautiful Life (about young, fab models living together).