Today's pilot-casting quickies, per the Reporter:

" Dean Cain will play a veteran officer in Protect and Serve, a CBS drama from Las Vegas creator Gary Scott Thompson. Also added to the cast are Eric Balfour ( 24), Tamala Jones and Monica Potter.

" Paige Turco (who never thanked me for the roses I sent her some 16 years ago... ) and Jessica Collins ( Tru Calling edition) have come on board ABC's drama about four high-powered CEOs/CEO wannabes (played by Dylan McDermott, Michael Vartan, Joshua Malina and Christopher Titus).

" Raquel Welch is a bombshell former TV star on CBS' The Captain.

" Following a disappointing Monday table read, production has been pushed back on 24 cocreator Bob Cochran's NSA Innocent, as the lead character is being tweaked and portrayer Stephen Moyer will be recast.