Who's doing what this pilot season? From the Reporter:

" Huff's two-time Emmy nominee, Oliver Platt, has joined ABC's D.C.-set British import, The Thick of It.

" As first scooped by Ausiello, Chris Lowell (aka Veronica Mars' Piz) is set to guest-star on the Grey's Anatomy episode setting up the possible spin-off. Deets on Lowell's character, even his name, are being kept hush-hush. Hmmm....

" Lacey Chabert ( Mean Girls) joins Molly Stanton ( Twins) and Dorian Brown as sorority sisters trying to clean up their act after college in an untiled Fox laffer.

" Eric Winter ( Wildfire) is a police detective in CBS' Viva Laughlin.

" Reba's Steve Howey is The Beast in Fox's comedy about a womanizing veterinarian.

" James D'Arcy is a lead agent on the hunt for E.T. sleeper cells in Fox's Them.

" Thad Luckinbill ( The Young and the Restless) has joined CBS' police serial Protect and Serve.