Picture, if you will, your wedding day: You find yourself face to face with your beloved and... Jeepers! The name is familiar, but you can't place the face! Scary, right? But that's exactly the scenario for which Extreme Makeover recipients Michael and Susan set themselves up in tonight's episode (airing at 9 pm/ET on ABC). They agreed to separate for two months before their nuptials while going under knife after knife. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Jeepers!

"There was a bit of nervous tension at the altar as Mike was lifting up my veil and we saw each other for the first time," the bride admits to TV Guide Online. "But I had a lot of confidence [in the doctors, so I believed] that we'd still recognize each other. And once I saw that it was the same Michael that I'd fallen in love with, just with a slightly smaller nose, everything was very relaxed."

Some — including us, if we're feeling both hopeful and romantic — might suggest that, since the couple adored one another "as was," there was no need for all those nips and tucks. However, Michael counters that they didn't go changing to please each other, they did it to please themselves. "Both of us have always disliked [aspects of our appearance]," he says. (This, even after they lost 100 pounds apiece on their own.) "We both feel totally accepted by each other; it was us that couldn't accept ourselves.

"At the end of the day, we both feel like what's on the inside is what counts, but what a lot of people who don't hate the way they look don't realize is that your inside and your outside are connected. You can't go anywhere without the both of 'em. Everybody deserves to like the way they look," he concludes. "Some of us just need more help than others."