Tiffany Ivaonvosky, Extreme Couponing Tiffany Ivaonvosky, Extreme Couponing

In our exclusive interview with Extreme Couponing's Tiffany Ivanovsky, the mother of seven discusses when she learned that her lifestyle is, in fact, "extreme," why couponing is a great part-time job for parents and how the Internet has changed couponing. Most pertinent, though, is her shrugging off accusations of hoarding. "If you were to walk into my house, you wouldn't see any of my [stockpile]," she offers in comparison to messy hoarders.

Five reasons why Extreme Couponing is extremely entertaining

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How is EXTREME COUPONING different from hoarding?

We talk with Extreme Couponing's Tiffany Ivanovsky about the difference between couponing and hoarding and how the internet has changed couponing.|Extreme Couponing|