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Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! The Fox network couldn't resist chiming in with its own take on "The Fox," the online video sensation and catchy dance song from Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis.

A new Fox promo, set to start airing Tuesday night, features various network stars singing and dancing along to the nonsensical chorus of "The Fox." Among network talent chiming in (complete with animal headgear): Jane Lynch (Glee), Orlando Jones and Katia Winter (Sleepy Hollow), Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Geoff Stults (Enlisted), Graham Elliot (Masterchef Junior) and Michael Ealy (Almost Human). Clips from an assortment of Fox shows are also synced to the tune.

The Ylvis song, which was posted on Sept. 3, has already hit more than 32 million YouTube views, helping it debut at No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was reportedly pulled from iTunes at some point due to copyright issues, but it was available for download as of Tuesday morning. A Fox spokesman says the network itself has now been able to clear the song.

VIDEO: "The Fox" Becomes the Latest — And Greatest? — Viral Hit

The song's chief gag comes from Ylvis asking "What does the fox say?" — followed by some ridiculous ideas of noises the animal might make. Fox execs were obviously taken with the idea of capitalizing on the video's popularity. But interestingly, over Fox's 27-year history, the network has shied away from making a "Fox" correlation between the network's name and the animal. (Unlike the NBC Peacock, the CBS Eye or the WB's Michigan J. Frog, there has never been a Fox fox — other than The Simpsons parody "Foxy, the Fox network fox.")

The Fox promo is just one of several "The Fox" parodies and reinterpretations making the rounds. Here's a first look at Fox's take on Ylvis' "The Fox":

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