Wallce Shawn by Stephen Lovekin/WireImage.com Wallce Shawn by Stephen Lovekin/WireImage.com

Those who feared that The L Word's Jenny (Mia Kirshner) may have drifted out to sea for good can now stop guessing. Jenny is back and ready to start production on her movie "Les Girls." She's hooked Wallace Shawn - best known as Vizzini in The Princess Bride - as the financier of her "fictional" flick. Shawn, who will play William Halsey at the start of Season 5, has a four-episode story arc on the Showtime drama.

Also joining the cast as a recurring guest star is Top Gun's Kelly McGillis, who will appear as a military lawyer handling a "Don't ask, don't tell" case. The L Word returns in January. - Reporting by Carita Rizzo